“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” 

– Scott Hamilton.

Discover how to parent your way!

Has your child received an autism diagnosis or struggle with


Do you feel confused and overwhelmed about what this means for your family?

I specialize in coaching families whose loved one has received an autism diagnosis

or is on the autism spectrum.

Family within the black community learning to live with joy in the face of the autism diagnosis.

Parenting, is a journey filled with ups and downs – and everything in between!

Every day coming with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. 

Don’t go it alone!

Together we will focus on educating you and your family about the diagnosis – what this

means for you and for them.

I will help you create an action plan to meet any challenges and to advocate for your loved


You will receive support and encouragement – you will not only survive, but THRIVE!

Walk away with tools to make parenting fun again!

  • Find tools to prepare your children for challenges they may face.
  • Gain perspective from someone who has been there.
  • Discover resources, and steps to overcome those stigmas or biases. 

  • Preserve your cultural heritage and instill a strong sense of identity.

  • Find encouragement and overcome potential barriers. 

Dr Mary Coaching provides help to the parent whose child has received an autism diagnosis or has ADHD. Get help and assistance in advocating for them.

There is so much to gain when we seek improvement over perfection.

Black family whose child has received a diagnosis of autism or ADHD. Parent Coaching.

Support and Guidance:

As a coach, and someone who has been there, I enjoy providing strategies to navigate difficult situations and resources to address specific challenges.

Cultural Understanding:

I partner WITH you, offering tailored advice and strategies. I understand the cultural context and unique challenges faced by African American families, and those with children on the autism spectrum. 

Empowerment and Advocacy:

Gain an advocate! You will be assisted in developing your own advocacy skills to make navigating systems such as education, healthcare, and social services easier.

Stress Management: 

Coaching can help parents manage the stress associated with parenting challenges, making you a more effective caregiver.

Building Positive Relationships:

Together we can work to foster healthy relationships with your children.

Parent from a place of peace and purpose!

What is Parent coaching?

Be supported and empowered as a parent!

You will gain confidence to face daily challenges and YOUR unique obstacles.

Receive support and a resource for 

yourself, as a parent!

I am here to assist you not only in navigating the challenges of raising children, but in thriving in the unique situation that an Autism diagnosis brings with it.

Foster a positive, healthy family dynamic!


Parenting isn’t easy, but I am here to


  • Individualized Support &
  • Accountability
  • An Objective Perspective
  • Help with Problem Solving and Confidence
  • Emotional Support Problem
  • Solving and Skill Development
  • Celebration of Diversity
  • Building a Strong Family Unit

      Build a Future Together!

      It IS possible!

      Realize Your Strengths.

      Identify The Obstacles.

      Overcome Your Limits!

      Dr Mary Coaching help families within the black community whose child has received an autism diagnosis. Parent coaching.

      Discover the joy of parenting!

      Get assistance in identifying and realizing the strengths of your child – and maybe even some of your own – you will then be able to finally set clear, attainable goals for your family.

      Jumpstart your family’s transformation!

      Get clear direction and actionable steps to help you be a more relaxed and present parent!

      What's Next?

      Schedule a Free Call

      Find more information. Meet Dr Mary and together discover the possibilities of peace for your family.

      Clarify Your Goals

      Gain Clarity and Focus. Know where you want to go and why. Identify some of the steps you can take to move forward.


      Identify Obstacles

      Get help identifying the things that have been holding you back in an encouraging, straight-forward environment.


      Experience Growth

      Accelerate your growth and become the best parent you can be. Experience progress in just 90 days!

      What do you want to give your kids?!

      • Give hope and encouragement – 

      When you discover insight from someone who has been where you are, you can’t help

      but be hopeful of the future! Beat the overwhelm that can come from receiving an

      Autism diagnosis.

      • Give joy and confidence – 

      Identifying the complexities and unique gifts of your child, you will be able to enjoy your

      time together, not just be stuck in the struggle.

      Instill confidence in your child as they see you peacefully navigate this season.

      • Give your child support and skills –

      As you receive support and grow in your parenting skills, particularly how to advocate for

      your loved one, you will be able to pass these skills on to your child in a loving and

      understanding environment. 

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      Let’s spend some time            together to explore how       coaching can get you where.       you want to be. The call is free!