“Success starts with every challenge, not from the comfort zone.”

Dr Mary Jones

For those experiencing the impact of cultural identity and autism biases on your relationships...

Discover how coaching can help you to THRIVE - as a member of the black community - in a Neurodiverse Relationship!

Marriage is a journey with lots of ups and downs – and everything in between!

If you are a woman of color and have a spouse on the autism spectrum –

 Don’t go on this journey alone!

  • Gain hope and discover insights about the diagnosis of autism.

  • Experience the joys and complexities that your unique neurodiverse relationship offers.

  • Grow in your knowledge of autism and how to thrive in a relationship with a neurodiverse spouse
  • Find support and encouragement in an understanding environment.

  • Learn ways to advocate for your yourself, your relationship, and your spouse.

Your Blessings.

Your Challenges.

YOUR unique journey.

Do you find yourself asking...

As an woman in a neurodiverse relationship, how do I communicate effectively? 

What do I do when I feel frustrated or isolated?

How do I handle situations where cultural identity intersects with the challenges of being married to an autistic partner? 

I am struggling to find support and understanding in my marriage – what should I do?

How do I advocate for myself in our relationship? And when dealing with cultural or autistic biases?

Couple of color receiving coaching for autism & ADHD relationship.

Are you dreaming of...

Couple of color wanting relationship coaching. Spouse with Autism or ADHD.

Improved Communication?

Learn effective communication strategies to ensure that both partners feel heard and understood.

Cultural Appreciation?

Address common misconceptions about autism and the black community. 

Enhanced Emotional Well-being?

Be equipped with tools and strategies to better manage stress, prioritize your emotional well-being, and lead a more fulfilled life – for you and your spouse.

Shared Growth and Learning?

Embark on a journey of learning, leveraging your diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives, to enrich your relationship. Discover how to advocate for yourself and your loved one.

Stronger Family Unit?

Create a more inclusive and supportive family environment that embraces and celebrates YOU! Learn how autism can your family and ways to have  successful relationships.

Learn to navigate the intricate landscape of Autism within your marriage, especially as a part of the black community.

What do you want from your relationship?

Your desires, as a neuro-traditional spouse in an neurodiverse marriage, are not to be overlooked.

I want to empower you, help you dismantle stigmas, and create a path to a thriving relationship. 

Despite cultural and societal challenges associated with Autism – IT IS POSSIBLE!

Open communication and a willingness to grow & learn together are key to fulfilling and functioning relationship with a spouse on the Autism spectrum.

If you are a woman married to an autistic spouse and looking for help to…

 – Understand the diagnosis of Autism

 – Receive guidance in addressing some of the common misconceptions about Autism, especially within the black     community 

 – Effectively advocate for yourself & your loved one with Autism

 – Recognize the impact of cultural identity and biases on the autistic experience

 – Embrace both the autism diagnosis, your relationship with your spouse, and the biases sometimes associated       with the black community

 – Identify and overcome any shame associated with the diagnosis

Working with Dr Mary was the lifeline God knew I needed at a pivotal time in my life.  

I am grateful for her kind guidance in helping me work through some of the challenges

associated with being married to a man on the spectrum. In our time together, I learned

so much of myself and discovered that, yes, I can endure and

even thrive on the hard days. 

Thank you, Lord, and Dr Mary!


 tHow will coaching help me?

It can feel lonely when your spouse is autistic.

It is a journey that is a unique blend of strength, understanding, and growth. 

Together, I can help you reach a place of peace, where you can embrace the autism diagnosis and the part your culture plays. 

By identifying the unique dynamics of your partnership, you can emerge not only as advocate for yourself but also your loved one.

Walk away empowered , equipped to function and thrive in every facet of your life!


As a Neurotraditional Woman married to an Neurodiverse spouse, I hope to empower and enrich not only you as an individual, but also your relationship as a whole.

We will:

  • Identify ways to embrace black culture and the autism diagnosis, especially within your marriage relationship.
  • Discuss the challenges you face in an open, honest, and supportive environment.
  • Celebrate your discoveries and personal successes.
  • Chart a plan of action for ongoing struggles.
  • Continue to be empowered to create a functioning and thriving relationship, especially within the black community.

Begin to embrace the diagnosis and THRIVE!

Are you ready?!

Build a Functioning and Thriving Future Together!

As a devoted pediatrician specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders, my focus is on guiding and supporting you and your marriage within the black community.

As women of color,  together, we will navigate the intricate landscape of Autism and the challenges it can pose within your marriage.

My mission is to empower families – and that starts with your marriage relationship!

I want to create a path to a successful marriage relationship, where you have the tools to not only cope with but thrive in your marriage…despite the cultural and societal challenges associated with Autism.

Get clear direction and actionable steps in just 90 days!

What's Next?

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Identify Your Goals

Gain tools for overcoming biases and stigmas associated with autism and people of color.  Clarity and Focus. Know where you want to go and why.


Identify Obstacles

Get help overcoming stigmas within the black community, and advocating for those with autism in an encouraging, straight-forward environment.


Experience Growth

Through coaching be enabled to THRIVE in your relationship with an autism diagnosis. Discover how your cultural identity can benefit your marriage.

Realize Your Strengths.

Overcome Your Limits!

Identify The Obstacles.

90 Days to a New You! Life Coaching

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