Understand What an Autism Diagnosis Means for You and Your Family

“Success starts with every challenge, not from the comfort zone.”

Dr Mary Jones


Begin to understand the impact of cultural identity and biases on the autistic experience.

Having been down this path before, I know how isolating and overwhelming it can feel to

receive an autism diagnosis for you or a loved one.

That’s why I created this class to provide an introduction to what an autism diagnosis

means, how it can impact your life, and how cultural biases can color your experience.

Don’t go on this journey alone!



And how is this going to affect my life?


Information and become educated about autism and what the diagnosis means for you.

Support as you discuss with others how they have interacted with the diagnosis of Autism in their families and communities. 

Ability to address some of the common misconceptions about Autism and the cultural biases often found within the black community.

Identify and explore the impact of cultural identity and biases on the autistic experience.

Actionable steps to advocate for yourself and your loved one.

Couple of color receiving coaching for autism & ADHD relationship.

This class will help you deepen your knowledge of Autism and

gain new-found confidence in the face of this diagnosis.

Be empowered to thrive with an autism diagnosis.

Find support and understanding in your journey with autism. 

Your Blessings.

Your Challenges.

YOUR unique journey.

Here is what you get:

Couple of color wanting relationship coaching. Spouse with Autism or ADHD.

1. Shared Growth and Learning

Embark on a journey of learning about autism, the diagnosis, and what this means for you and your family. Stop the overwhelm. Discover how to advocate for yourself and your loved one.

2. Enhanced Emotional Well-being

Be equipped with tools and strategies to better manage stress, prioritize your emotional well-being, and lead a more fulfilled life. THRIVE with autism.

3. Support and Understanding

Discuss and celebrate each other’s growth. Encourage each others successes and receive support for ongoing struggles.

4. Small class size 

In order to make the most of our time together, classes are kept to 16 members. This creates a more supportive setting and allows each voice to be heard.

5. Options for further growth 

While this is an introductory class, the learning can continue through 1:1 coaching or continuing group classes.

Learn to navigate the intricate landscape of Autism within the black community.

How I have helped others:

Working with Dr Mary was the lifeline God knew I needed at a pivotal time in my life.  

I am grateful for her kind guidance in helping me work through some of the challenges associated with being married to a man on the spectrum. In our time together,

I learned so much of myself and discovered that, yes, I can endure and even thrive on the hard days. 

Thank you, Lord, and Dr Mary!


Dr Mary is an excellent coach!

She is honest and speaks the truth because she cares.

If you are looking for a coach who wants you to win in life as much as you want to win, look no furtherthan Mary!


The secret to the sauce..

I've been there.

I’m not speaking in theories, I’ve lived it.

And I want to share the things I have learned.

As a devoted pediatrician specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders, my focus is on guiding and supporting you and your journey with autism.

Having traveled this road myself, I will speak truth from the heart. 

My mission is to empower those who are living with autism to THRIVE!

I want to dismantle stigmas, creating a path where every person has the tools to not only cope with but experience success despite the cultural and societal challenges associated with Autism. 

Get clear direction and tools to successfully navigate Autism.

Dr Mary Jones Pediatrician specializing in Autism and ADHD resources for people of color.

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